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AIBI (American Indian Bible Institute) is a Bible training organization whose focus is the development of Godly leaders who are equipped to train others to:


AIBI has been in existance since 1966 when a group of men from First American Indian Church of Los Angeles, California sensed the Lord leading and formed the "Bible Institute" to help train them to reach their own people with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

The structure is somewhat unique as the classes are held in different churches and in the homes of the students, their families, and friends. When the Bible Institute first began, president Duane Anderson recalled that during his years in Bible school and seminary most of the classes were held in classrooms with little or no practical application or "hands on training." Courses such as evangelism were often more focused on verbal and written instruction rather than through example. From the beginning of the Bible Institute, the desire of the AIBI staff was to provide a training environment that allowed students to learn by example. Therefore the class structure, especially for evangelistic Bible studies, became one of meeting in the homes of students, their families and friends. The class would then meet afterward to discuss the opportunities that the Lord brought through various aspects of the evening. The AIBI Board requested president Duane Anderson to work on the development of Bible training materials that could be used by each of the class in working through these opportunities to teach God's Word.

The example of Jesus Christ teaching His disciples became the basis for foundations of the American Indian Bible Institute, II Timothy 2:2 says, "And the things that you have heard from me among many witnesses, commit these to faithful men who will be able to teach others also." The goal of AIBI to REACH, TEACH, TRAIN, and SEND is a result of Christ's example - as well as the example of the disciples as they repeated the process. Christ would REACH out to bring those around Him bringing them into a relationship with God through Himself (Acts 19:8-10, Acts 20:20-21, Luke 15:4-7); TEACH them the knowledge of His Word (II Timothy 3:16:-17, Colossians 3:16-17, Acts 20:27); TRAIN them by taking them with Him as He spent time with people needing eternal life (Ephesians 4:12, Mark 1:17, Mark 3:13-15, Acts 20:20, II Timothy 2:15) and SEND them out to "make disciples" and train them to serve Him (Matthew 28:19-20; John 20:21, II Timothy 2:2)

AIBI classes are currently available in the Los Angeles, California (USA) area. A number of Bible survey courses are also prepared for extension classes. For more information on classes available, please contact

The AIBI Team is also involved in various church planting, leadership development, and cross cultural ministries in the Southern California as well as in some areas in Arizona.