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Serve and Equip

Soon after the beginning of AIBI, there were requests for Bible training materials for those not able to attend classes in the Los Angeles Area. They were designed for use by over 100 different tribes and bands in North America which soon proved useful in any culture as they were based on Biblical principles rather than culturally specific methods.

In 1999, several of the manuals were put on the Internet for easier access by former students and staff members. In June of 2000 AIBI Resources was started as a ministry of AIBI to help develop this new area that proved to be a complement to the Bible Institute by reaching not only into their "Jerusalem and Judea" as commanded in Act 1:8, but also into their "Samaria and the ends of the earth".

Since that time, AIBI Resources has provided materials through the internet to over 125 countries and on CD-Rom to over 55 countries world wide. The materials are primarily in English, but there are currently several manuals and diagrams that have been made available in Spanish. AIBI Resources is also developing translation teams to provide the materials in other languages that are useful to its readers around the world.

In order to provide the opportunity for this aspect of the AIBI outreach to continue to expand as the Lord allows, the AIBI board requested the establishment of what is now known as Serve and Equip.

If you appreciate the resources that are provided by AIBI, please pray about how you can help in this ministry. Thank you for allowing us to have a part in the growth of the Lord's ministry through YOU!