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CD Request
Current AIBI Resources CD version is 13.02

AIBI Resources offers on a limited and as available basis one (1) CD-Rom copy of the materials available on this website. Typically only one copy per mailing address is allowed. All manuals, diagrams and training materials are included on these CD's. Each CD is made available free of charge to those requesting a copy. You are free to print off the materials from the CD and make as many copies of the materials as you need in accordance with the license agreement.

If you would like to have a tangible part in maintaining this worldwide ministry, please CLICK HERE.

These are not Audio or Video CD's and will not work in a Compact Disc player. These will however work on most computers and operating systems. Allthough they are designed for the MS Windows Operating systems, they will run on Linux, Mac etc. as long as you have a web browser and Adobe Acrobat Reader installed (note a copy of the Acrobat Reader installer is included on the CD for the Windows platform). Again, the CDRom is a copy of the website so that you don't have to download all of the manuals over slower internet connections.

American Indian Bible Institute is recognized by the United States government as a 501c3 Non Profit Corporation. If you would like to help others benefit from the ministries of AIBI Resources, contributions are accepted and appreciated. Financial contributions can be sent to AIBI, P.O. Box 511, Norwalk, CA 90651-0511, USA. Please also feel free to let us know how you are using these resources.

To request your own copy of the CDRom - please send an email to cdrequest @ (no spaces) with the mailing address you wish one to be sent to.

If you would like to receive updates when new materials are added to the website or other resources are made available, please register your use of these resources.