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Growing Godly Families Series

The Growing Godly Families Series is the second group of Biblical Growth email topics that are sent out to encourage, equip and edify fellow Christians in their servant's walk with the Lord. This is the current group of email topics.

An example from one of this series is the excerpt below taken from the "Biblical Foundation for the Family" set of topics:

Today we are beginning a new series of topics on the family. In this series of topics we will focus on two kinds of families. All of us understand the concept of the physical family. We are all a part of a physical family. We came into that physical family by physical birth or we came into that family by adoption. The only people that came into a physical family any other way were Adam and Eve. We will look at how God formed the human family in this topic.
A godly couple that has learned to work together as a team provides a foundation for the development of addition godly families. This will be true in their own physical family. However, it will also be true in the development of many other spiritual families as they show others by their example how to serve the Lord together as a godly team. Many the Lord richly bless your family as you are an example to others

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